Al Ghurair Foreign
Currency Exchange

Buy and exchange currency at the best market rates securely in UAE.
Avail Industrys best exchange rates for the encashment as well as the purchase of currencies through our exchange services.
We offer retail & wholesale purchase and sale of major currencies with a dedicated dealing room.
Enjoy our best services in this dynamic currency exchange market.

Today’s Currency Exchange Rates – All rates shown are in AED. Rates shown above are indicative only and are subject to change according to market conditions. The rates vary from time to timeas the market fluctuates, so please give us a call to book your rate today.
Customers are welcome to call our exchange 24/7 for live rates.

What we Offer

Al Ghurair services are spread throughout a far-reaching network of branches across the UAE and our correspondent banks in other countries, we offer a full host of financial services including Forex, Money remittance services and utility payments.

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