Whether you are coming in or going out of UAE or if you are on Holiday or Business Trip, Al Ghurair money exchange is always a customer choice to exchange foreign currencies. We buy and sell all Global Currencies providing the best Currency Exchange rates while maintaining the high value of standards.


Our correspondent banking tie-up with leading banks and agents worldwide enables you to send and receive money anywhere within minutes. We have a wide range of remittance products and services to choose from:

 Instant Money Transfers:

We offer a host of fast, secure and reliable money transfer services around the world

 Wire Transfers:

Quick, safe and reliable money transfers to beneficiaries in any country.

 Bank Transfers:

Direct money transfers to bank accounts anywhere in the world.

 Flash remittances:

Real time bank account credit to selected countries.


Easing people's lives with our quality services, in order to cater daily need of people we offer various Utility services, Credit Cards, Worldwide Airtime and Top-Up to any phone around the World.

 International Mobile Top-up:

We offer a fast and convenient way to recharge the mobile phone services of your family and friends back home!

This service is currently available with:

 Etisalat Bills:

You can easily pay Etisalat Bills at any of our branches near you.

 Credit Card Bills:

Make payments or settle credit card bills at any of our outlets. This facility is available for all major credit cards. Cash Advance against credit card also available.

 Air Ticket:

Customers can book and reserve their air tickets and pay for the same at any Al Ghurair Exchange outlet across the UAE. Please find below the list of service providers we have tied up with us in this regard